• Consultation

    Consultation service is approximately a 30 minute meeting where we walk through your home and offer ideas and assistance in preparing your home to look its best for potential buyers. We offer advice on organizational and cleaning questions, needed repairs, furniture rearranging, and prepare you and your home for showings. With in 24 hours we will provide you with a detail list to help you get your home where it needs to be.
  • Photo Styling for Occupied Properties

    We can help stage your owner- or tentant-occupied listings with our photo styling options. ‚ÄčOur crew works with a mix of existing furnishings and our invenotry to create an optimal portrayal of how the home or condo might look without tenants and all their stuff. We work with our photographer room-by-room and replace the pre-existing items back once we're finished.
  • Vacant Home Staging

    We offer staging of several or all rooms in your vacant home. Renting and purchasing furniture that appeals to the style of your home and your target market. Adding furniture can dramatically increases your chances of selling fast and for top dollar.
  • Owner Occupied Home Staging

    We offer staging that is a mix of furnishings you currently own and things we provide.When your property is clean, de-cluttered and organized, prospective buyers are better able to visualize how their belongings will look in the space. Being able to picture themselves living there dramatically increases your chances of selling fast and for top dollar. Our team will help you conquer the clutter and purge items you do not want to take with you to your new home. We will get you organized so you are ready to go when your house sells.